Zhongshan City Zhenghui Electric Co., Ltd.Main: LED headlights, LED searchlights, welcome to call the service hotline:86-0760-22620535
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Zhongshan City Zhenghui Electric Co., Ltd.
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Dear visitors: Welcome toZhongshan City Zhenghui Electric Co., Ltd.

When you enter the "Contact Us" page, it has become the honor of our Zhenghui Electric, we sincerely welcome you! Zhenghui Electric, understand customers with heart, and use customers to express emotions. You can reach us in the following ways.

Service Hotline: 86-0760-22620535

Contact: Mr. Zhang    Mobile: 13715677528

Fax: 86-0760-89996362

QQ: 2258721295

E-mail: 2258721295@qq.com

Website: zszhenghui.com

Add: No.229, Dongfu Road, Donfeng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, CHINA

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