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Usage of Night Fishing Lamp

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    With the gradual warming of the weather, this has created conditions for friends who love night fishing, night fishing will inevitably encounter the use of night fishing lights. Here we describe several ways to use fishing lights next night. Fishing lights are mainly used to illuminate the drift at night, in order to make the drift reflect light, and secondly, they can also be used to illuminate the road and explore the surrounding environment.

    Before I talk about using night fishing lamp, I will introduce my personal viewpoint of choosing night fishing lamp. Usually, novices will have difficulty in choosing night fishing lamp. What kind of lamp is good? Because of the obvious fever, the light beads are easy to burn and wear for a long time, so they need to take several spares when fishing at night. The reflection efficiency of the purple light fluorescence is higher, but it is uncomfortable to see for a long time, and even more serious is the feeling of burning. The reflection effect of blue light on fish drift is second only to that of purple light, but blue light is harmless to human body and will not have adverse effects on human body. Owing to the variety of lights above, blue light is recommended as the best choice.

    First of all, because of the variety of lights and the location of night fishing, there will be differences in the quality and color of light sources. Here I suggest that night fishing enthusiasts choose different kinds of night fishing lights according to their local conditions.

    We usually use the flat-light method when fishing at night. That is, we try to put the night fishing lamp flat and let it shoot at the surface of the water so that we can see the drift. Another common method we usually use is the flat shielding method, inserting some branches and weeds in front of the night fishing lamp to make the light change scattered and close to the natural light, confusing the prey. Another method that is not commonly used is the weak light method. The night fishing lamp with gear can be lowered as much as possible. If there is no gear, you can also find an empty drink bottle to filter the light in front of the lamp to make the light look soft. If you don't believe it, you need to add water to the bottle. Attention, do not use plastic cloth directly on the lamp head, high temperature will turn on the lamp head is not easy to clean.

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