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Performance Introduction of LED Flashlight

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    It is understood that the LED flashlight has just entered China, using a number of world-leading technologies. For example, it simplifies the design of separate charging mode, SOS emergency call and tactical switch, and can also be waterproof and dust-proof, impact and scratch-proof and other functions, which are very powerful in safety performance and product functions.

    Professionals point out that they hope more high-performance LED flashlights will be added to the general consumer lighting. On the other hand, along with the promotion of the government's low-carbon green policy and the promotion of consumers'concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, low-carbon, high-performance LED flashlights

    The sales volume of cylinder products will have a greater development.

    It is reported that on the premise of energy saving, LED flashlights adopt nano-colloidal lead-acid batteries for high brightness lighting. Such batteries are treated with nano technology for thermal treatment and surface modification of powders. The interference factors of sol-gel production process are monitored by sol-gel method to increase the total amount of colloidal electrolyte and increase the capacity of the battery. It avoids the phenomenon of separation of electrolyte and liquid from the battery and reduces the corrosion rate.

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