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Characteristics of Night Fishing Lamp

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    The illumination effect of night fishing lamp mainly depends on the lamp beads. At present, the lamp beads used in night fishing lamp on the market can be divided into several kinds: 1. traditional halogen lamp beads; 2. xenon lamp beads; 3. ordinary LED lamp beads; 4. special LED lamp beads; these kinds of lamp beads have their own characteristics.

     1) Halogen lamp emits yellow light, more powerful light is stronger. In contrast, the principle of this night fishing lamp is the simplest, with a high-intensity light illuminated on the fish drift, so that it can be seen. But the shortcomings are also obvious. Because of the obvious fever, the lamp beads are easy to wear and burn out when they are used for a long time, and several spares should be taken when fishing at night. The light intensity is too low, too dim to see clearly, too bright and harmful to the eyes and easy to interfere with others.

    2) Most of the users of xenon lamp beads are personal modifications of night fishing enthusiasts, and use large-capacity batteries as power supply. The night fishing lamp has high brightness, long range, long discharge time and long service life. The principle of illumination drift is the same as that of halogen lamp beads, which can be directly visible on fish drift by lighting. Many fishermen choose this kind of night fishing lamp. The disadvantage is that the lamp is too bulky. The efficiency of illumination drift depends on the intensity of the lamp.

    3) The illumination and bleaching of ordinary LED is the same as that of halogen lamp beads, and the light color is whiter. As a cold light source, LED is widely used in various fields. Its advantages are high brightness, low heat, low power consumption, good stability and long life.

Professional night fishing lamps use special light-colored LED beads. There are two kinds of lights on the market, blue and purple. The principle of illumination and drifting of this night fishing lamp is different from those above. The special light color can effectively reflect the phosphor on the tail of the fish drifting and make it visible in night fishing. This principle makes it possible to judge the state of fish drifting effectively without too bright lights in night fishing, and not to frighten the underwater fish flocks, thus affecting the effect of night fishing.

    Purple night fishing lamp is more efficient than blue night fishing lamp in reflecting fluorescence, but purple light is the shortest wavelength, the strongest transmittance and the most harmful light to organisms. Too much radiation can have serious consequences for human body to cancer.

    Owing to the shortcomings of the above lighting, the blue light with unique advantages has become the most professional choice for night fishing lights. On the one hand, blue light is harmless to human body and will not have adverse effects on human beings. First, the reflective effect of blue light on fish drift is second only to purple light, and the reflective effect of blue light on fluorescence is obvious. It is neither too strong nor too weak to meet the requirements of seeing fish drift.

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