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Easy to carry solar camping lights

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    Outdoor lighting products, outdoor solar camping lamp is compact, convenient for users to carry, the use of gradually diversified, not limited to the ground use, has become a favorite outdoor sports enthusiasts equipment. It has good energy-saving effect. It can continuously illuminate for 20 hours in the brightest gear, and can provide stable lighting effect.

    Solar camping lamp also designed three lighting modes, high, low and night, which have different brightness. They can respond to different outdoor lighting environments. Users can choose between different environments and lighting needs. The shell of solar camping lamp is made of ABS plastic, which has good wear resistance. The lampshade is made of ground glass, eliminating glare and providing soft lighting effect.

    The upper part of the camping lamp is equipped with a handle. The user can hold the lighting in hand or hang in the tent to provide fixed lighting. Crystalline silicon solar panels can use the sunlight to charge the built-in batteries.

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