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Method of using searchlight

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(1) According to the need of illumination, the lamp head can rotate the searchlight up 25 degrees or down 20 degrees with bare hands.

   (2) High-voltage xenon lamp is used to automatically trigger the lamp. When the power supply closes, the lamp will be on and on.

   (3) When the lamp is in illumination state, it needs to be scanned automatically. When the dynamic illumination is strengthened, only the scanning switch is turned on on the power control board, and the lamp rotates horizontally at the speed of 5 times per minute.

    (4) Focus knob, on the back cover of the lamp. Focus the front of the lamp on a plane target, and see if the center of sight is correct or not. By rotating counterclockwise or clockwise, the light tube can move forward and backward relative to the focus of the reflector, and the size of the spot meets the requirements. When the searchlight is used, the spot should be adjusted to a beam of parallel light with the farthest range. When the special lighting lamp is used, the spot can be magnified to a certain extent according to the lighting needs, but there is no black spot in the center of the spot, which is caused by the excessive spot.

    (5) Adjusting brightness: High-voltage xenon lamp belongs to gas discharge lamp, which is generally not dimmed. This product is equipped with a special high frequency electronic switch as the DC power supply of the lamp tube. On the power control panel, there are several "working states", each switch outputs a fraction of the lamp current, and another band switch with total power regulation, which changes the output current of the "working state" switch from 50 to {bfb}. Thus, the purpose of adjusting brightness is achieved.

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